LED grade sapphire by Kyropoulos method

Our technical team has 15 years experience of LED grade sapphire growth by Kyropoulos method and manufacturing cylinders.  We transferred know-how of Kyropoulos method for sapphire and delivered growth equipment for training and R&D to China University of Science and Technology (Taiwan, 2004- 2005).

Mineral Ltd. has positive result of setup large scale production plants of LED grade sapphire: ACME Electronics Corporation (the main mass maker of sapphire in Taiwan, 2006-2007), AsTEK (the main mass maker of sapphire in  Korea, 2009-2010), ILJIN Display Co. Ltd. (Republic of Korea, 2010-2011). Now we have many other projects in the beginning or middle stage because customers have recently recognized that  Mineral Ltd. is capable to assist customer to become mass volume maker of LED grade sapphire with number of growers in operation over 100 sets. The key reasons of Mineral Ltd. success in transfer technology of Kyropoulos sapphire growth are over 50 years experience of technical team in design and production of growers for single crystal growth, opportunity to arrange long-term training in Russia and at customer’s site. We offer Kyropoulos growers of different ingot size suitable for manufacturing 2 inch -6 inch diameter cylinders of sapphire. As option we may deliver cylinder processing technological line.

Kyropoulos method is the best choice for LEDs because it provides better quality than HEM as soon as direction of growth is “up” and ingot is not fixed to crucible on cooling, better quality and lower cost than EFG method and lower cost than Czochralski method.

Mineral Ltd. has developed the technology of 63 kg and 100 kg sapphire ingots growth by modified Kyropoulos method.